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I am trying to connect to my MSK Serverless cluster, from an external system. In the same region, from an EC2 instance, I could create a topic and read from it. Now I would like to connect to it from my laptop. I couldn't really find proper documentation on how to do this. What do I need?

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I tried to start MSK Serverless with my AWS account and enable public access using the steps in the document below, but I was unable to do so.
In the first place, MSK Serverless may not be able to enable public access as of June 2024.

Therefore, it may be possible to use it by setting up a VPN etc. as shown in the answer below.

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  • The first link, I have also tried, but this is not for serverless? I have also tried the second but didn't succeed...

  • I think the first URL is the procedure for enabling public access for provisioned MSK. Even if you use the same procedure with Serverless, there is no item to set public access on the console.


So since I cannot set the serverless PUBLIC, then what are the steps I need to complete in order to access the bootstrap server. Is VPN the only option? How can I define an endpoint in route53 so that it routes the incoming calls to the bootstrap server? Which port do I need to enable etc? I am a bit lost...

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