Could not identify region for bucket ....


I have been following the basic tutorial for MediaConvert and after hours, STILL haven't gotten a successful submission.

I can confirm I have the following settings:

Created a new bucket in East
Disabled the "block public access" settings (can someone verify that was correct?)
Made sure that the object is public
Setup an IAM role per the setup guide (including encryption/decryption inline policy)

I am still getting the following error, which I see almost NO search history on except for one guy trying to write a script and encountering that error.

Could not identify region for bucket (my-bucket)
Failed to lookup region of bucket (my-bucket)

Any direction is appreciated, my first AWS experiment is getting really frustrating.


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Edit: Applying a template and just adjusting output corrected this, even though the settings appear to match throughout.

Marking ticket as solved - future users searching this issue - try to apply an output template and see if your issue clears up.

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Followup in edit

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I see you were able to correct your issue. I wanted to point out some documentation that may help when setting up MediaConvert jobs.

It runs through setting up your S3 bucket, Iam role, etc. Note: It will set it up your S3 bucket as "not public" which is advisable.

The important thing to remember along the way is

  1. When you create your S3 bucket make a note which region you were in
  2. Run the job in the same region
  3. In "settings" make sure your role and queue is set correctly
  4. Set your output to a bucket in the same region (you can do it to a different one but you have to change some permissions)

If you would still like to understand what occurred with the failed jobs, you can send me a private message with details such as the job number and exact east region used (e.g. us-east-1)?

Note: In the documentation for setting up Iam role, it doesn't mention "add tags" which comes before "review". Simply select "next" in the "add tags" section unless you want to add some.


answered 4 years ago

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