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/kube-proxy failing after update to 1.16+/

kube-proxy failing after update to 1.16+


Hi all,

I've recently updated one of our clusters from version 1.15 to 1.16 and then to 1.17. Before this one I updated 8 other clusters with no issues whatsoever. However, for some reason, when I update kube-proxy to bring it in line with the new Kubernetes version the pods fail. The logs are empty and the reason why the pods are terminated is "Error", which isn't informative at all.

In short:

  • Server Version: v1.17.17-eks-087e67
  • Nodes version: v1.17.17-eks-ac51f2
  • Working kube-proxy version: v1.15.11-eksbuild.1
  • kube-proxy versions that cause the problem: 1.16.13-eksbuild.1, v1.17.9-eksbuild.1

At first I thought it could just be that particular version of kube-proxy so I decided to keep updating. Now I assume it's something else.

Running kubectl logs -f podName doesn't help. It doesn't return anything.

State:          Waiting  
  Reason:       CrashLoopBackOff  
Last State:     Terminated  
  Reason:       Error  
  Exit Code:    1  
  Started:      Mon, 18 Oct 2021 12:32:56 +0200  
  Finished:     Mon, 18 Oct 2021 12:32:56 +0200  

Type Reason Age From Message

Normal Scheduled 66s default-scheduler Successfully assigned kube-system/kube-proxy-bh7r4 to
Normal Pulling 65s kubelet, Pulling image ""
Normal Pulled 63s kubelet, Successfully pulled image ""
Normal Created 23s (x4 over 62s) kubelet, Created container kube-proxy
Normal Started 23s (x4 over 62s) kubelet, Started container kube-proxy
Normal Pulled 23s (x3 over 62s) kubelet, Container image "" already present on machine
Warning BackOff 8s (x6 over 61s) kubelet, Back-off restarting failed container

Can you please advise? I'm quite confused here. I'm comparing what I did with our other clusters and I took the exact same steps. Not sure why this is not working.

Thanks a lot!

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1 Answers

Upgrading to version 1.18 and using the add-ons solved the issue.

answered 7 months ago

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