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Cognito Custom HTML Message with Text alternative


We found out that our Cognito emails are filtered at some company email servers. We are sending custom messages with HTML EMails. The email has no text only alternative. When we remove the HTML and replace it with a custom text message, the emails will reach the target inboxes.

Is it possible to send HTML emails with text alternatives?

Is there any solution for this problem? We need a solution to deliver our email verification mails to all our customers.

We already use a custom verified identity for FROM email address via SES.

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In regards to your first question, I believe that Amazon SES can send emails in text-only templates. However, Cognito cannot send verification or invitation messages without HTML. This is because Cognito requires HTML placeholders in order to send user verification codes, links, and invitation usernames and passwords.

In regards to solutions, because Cognito Email verification messages require the HTML placeholder, I would recommend first checking that your SES domain is properly authenticated as is suggested in the SES documentation here:

If your domain isn't properly authenticated, doing so may resolve the HTML email issues you face. If your domain is properly authenticated you might have to work with your customers to resolve why your emails are being filtered out of their mail systems.

If you have any more questions feel free to reach out.

answered 14 days ago

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