Billling issue : sagemaker runinstance : How to terminate


I am using an AWS free account. I created a model (sagemaker) and deleted the services and resources as per the documentation. It looks like the Amazon PageMaker instance is still running and charging. How can I stop this service and delete the resources?

Amazon SageMaker RunInstance

USD 6.69

$0.00 for Notebk:ml.t3.medium per hour under monthly free tier 32.258 Hrs USD 0.00

$0.00 per Data Wrangler Interactive ml.m5.4xlarge hour under monthly free tier 25 Hrs USD 0.00

$0.00 per hour up to 160 hours per month 1.3 Hrs USD 0.00

$0.922 per Data Wrangler Interactive ml.m5.4xlarge hour in US East (N. Virginia) 7.253 Hrs USD 6.69

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That may for all come for a SageMaker inference endpoint that is still up & running after you stopped the corresponding model.

To exactly locate which resources you still have up & running, I would suggest you to run a global inventory via AWS Config: see



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