EC2 instance is very slow


Hi Experts

We launched our mobile app recently .our EC2 Performance is very poor . please help us how to improve mobile app performance. Please see below details Instance type t2.xlarge Enabled Regions. 17 Regions. Subnets 60 in 17 Regions instances 12 in 3 Regions Security groups 33 in 17 Regions VPCs 20 in 17 Regions Volumes 12 in 3 Regions

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We would need a lot more information to be able to tell what's going on here.

  • What exactly is "slow"?
  • What does your CPU metrics look like?
  • Do you have enough memory available on the EC2 server?
  • Is it a networking issue causing the slowness? Can you ping the server and get a decent response time?
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answered 22 days ago

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