"Rekognition has experienced service issue" while training in custom labels


I receive the following error when training a model with Custom labels with a small dataset (around 500 images): Model Status: "TRAINING_FAILED" Status Message: "Amazon Rekognition experienced a service issue." I have received this error 6 times ranging in the past 3 days. The training process runs for a few hours failing. Any help will be appreciated on this issue. Thanks

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2 Answers

Hello AWS-User-4500359, thanks for using Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels. Our team has noticed these training jobs that failed due to service issues in the last few days, and is currently investigating what is the root cause.

Thanks, aws-cdunn

answered 10 months ago


Thanks for your patience! To better assist you, do you mind open a support case following the instruction below? https://docs.aws.amazon.com/awssupport/latest/user/case-management.html

Thanks, aws-renjun

answered 10 months ago

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