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I am trying to call Lamda function from iot. I can see the subscribed message on MQTT Test Client sent from iot device. But not able to call Lamda function. I followed the tutorial I have also attached cloudwatch logs under error action to the AWS IoT rule. Still, nothing was logged. I am not sure if the connection is being established between AWS IoT and Lamda. However, I am able to call Lamda function successfully from API Gateway.

  • can you try put '#' as topic in the rule and SELECT * FROM "#" and see if the lambda will run. '#' covers all topics. This will tell if rule is being executed.

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Hi. I recommend you enable IoT logging and look for the RuleExecution event type:

This will confirm or deny whether your rule is running, and tell if you if it's suffering any errors when executing the Lambda action.

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answered 10 days ago

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