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/DMS task fails when Postgres DateStyle parameter is not ISO/

DMS task fails when Postgres DateStyle parameter is not ISO


Hi everyone.

I need to replicate some tables from a Postgres 11.14 database on an Amazon EC2 instance with DMS.

When I start the DMS task, it fails and the log shows me that the problem has to do with the configuration of the parameter DateStyle in the source system (Postgres).

In the source this parameter is set to 'SQL, DMY' and DMS tells me that needs it set up to 'ISO' to do the replication.

2022-06-08T21:22:00 [SOURCE_CAPTURE  ]E:  Bad setting for 'DateStyle' parameter. WAL connection setup is expecting 'ISO'. [1020452]  (postgres_endpoint_wal_engine.c:1341)

I cannot change this configuration in the source because there we have a Core that needs this parameter to be configured like that ('SQL, DMY').

Is there another way in which we can replicate without having to change this parameter?

Thanks in advance.

1 Answers

Can you use Logical Replication (which is far better than DMS) to replicate instead? What is the target?

answered 24 days ago

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