Can I Safely Upgrade the CentOS 7 server in my Lightsail instance to Almalinux 8?


I have a Lightsail instance running CentOS 7, managed by WHM but I would like to upgrade to AlmaLinux 8.

If I 'elevate' via cPanel's 'ELavate Project' ( to AlmaLinux 8, will there be any repercussions?

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Back when CentOS 8 was available in Lightsail (removed about a month ago for some reason, even tho CentOS 7 remains!) we migrated CentOS 8 to AlmaLinux 8 using the alma migration scripts and all currently seems ok.

Using ELavate does run risks and doing a fresh install usually suggested. Although given they have appeared to have pulled CentOS 8 in Lightsail with no mention at all, this is impossible at the moment.

answered 9 months ago
  • Thanks for the info. It may be worth noting that the Lightsail blueprint for WHM & cPanel notes that's it's specifically for AlmaLinux now. I asked cPanel support about this, and they told me that as far as they know (based on a web search done by them), it's still not supported. Very interesting.

  • That is very interesting about the Lightsail blueprint for WHM & cPanel notes that's it's specifically for AlmaLinux. Do you have a link?



AlmaLinux 8 is not a supported OS included as part of the following documentation so this can lead to unexpected behavior and may cause issues with starting or using your system. I would strongly recommend taking a backup or snapshot of your existing configuration prior to attempting any upgrades and scheduling appropriate downtime so you are able to revert as necessary.

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answered 10 months ago

From spinning up the 'WHM & cPanel' blueprint within LightSail this is running AlmaLinux 8.8, so go figure why the LightSail team are not at this moment in time able to make it an 'OS' option instead of just 'App+OS' offering.

answered 8 months ago

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