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Restrict listing 5 out of 10 folders for given prefix through IAM policy


Dear Team,

I have a bucket named my-bucket and it has a users folder. There are 5 individual user-name folder inside users folder. I want to make sure each user gets to see his/her own folder but can not see other user folders(I can restrict access to the content of the folder but want that one user should not see other users folder as well). Is it possible ?

Ex. Below is the folder structure i have : my-bucket users UserA UserB UserC UserD UserE

when UserE logs in, he/she should not see UserD folder in S3. I am able to restrict the content view of UserD folder but UserE still sees userD folder and then on click of UserD folder, he gets access denied error.

Please let me know if i can restrict UserE from seeing any other users folders if he clicks on users folder

Thanks, Dhaval Mehta

1 Answer
  • This just help to restrict the content in other users folder but does not help to viewing of other users folder names. I want UserE not to see UserD folder itself since he/she does not have access to content of that folder

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