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SES can not verify a LightSail DNS?



I am trying to get SES verify my domain which is hosted at LightSail. There in my DNS Zone I am required to add

A. a TXT record either with _amazonses subdomain, but LightSail does not allow _
B. or a TXT with an empty subdomain, which Lightsail does not allow either.

What else can I do to get SES verify my domain at LightSail.


3 Answers


When you download record set for the domain you want to verify, you would see alternate domain verification record, you can add that record.

answered 4 years ago

The alternate domain verification record uses an empty subdomain which LightSail does not allow for TXT records.

Or am I misunderstanding?

answered 4 years ago

I can swear lightsail didn't allow _ in subdomain the last time I've tried. If AWS engineers have fixed this after my post, thank you!

answered 4 years ago

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