Can't RDP into our server or get a ping response.


We have not accessed this server is several months. Now when we try to RDP into it using IP (which is what we used previously) we are not able to access it. Pinging that IP also does not return a response. We need access to the server as soon as possible. Thank you, Larry

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Find the EC2 instance in AWS Console, and check it is running.

Confirm that its public IP address is still the one that you are trying to connect to (if the instance was stopped for a while and then restarted its public IP will have changed).

Check that the security group(s) applied to the instance allow inbound connections on port 3389/tcp (for RDP) and that inbound ICMP is enabled (for ping).

If all of the above checks out then the next thing to check would be connectivity and routing for the subnet in which the EC2 instance is running.

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answered a year ago
  • I have rebooted, the public IP is the same, 3389/tcp is enabled. Subnet and routing looks right. We have not changed anything since the last time we accessed this server.

  • Inbound 3389/tcp from anywhere ( If it isn't then try expanding the security group rule to be that.

    (I assume in all this that you are trying to get access over the internet, and not over Direct Connect or VPN).

    Also, are you able to view the EC2 system console screen, just to check that the instance is up and running properly and displaying the Windows login screen?

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