Elastic Beanstalk failed to unzip source file with UTF-8 file name


I was trying to deploy a NextJS application to Elastic Beanstalk via eb deploy. But the source bundle failed to unzip during deployment as the source bundle contained some pre-built .next page which the file name is in UTF-8 encoding. The error is stated as below.

2022/xx/xx xx:xx:xx.xxxxxx [INFO] Executing instruction: StageApplication
2022/xx/xx xx:xx:xx.xxxxxx [INFO] extracting /opt/elasticbeanstalk/deployment/app_source_bundle to /var/app/staging/
2022/01/31 04:56:44.300483 [INFO] Running command /bin/sh -c /usr/bin/unzip -q -o /opt/elasticbeanstalk/deployment/app_source_bundle -d /var/app/staging/
2022/01/31 04:56:45.932820 [ERROR] An error occurred during execution of command [app-deploy] - [StageApplication]. Stop running the command. Error: Command /bin/sh -c /usr/bin/unzip -q -o /opt/elasticbeanstalk/deployment/app_source_bundle -d /var/app/staging/ failed with error exit status 50. Stderr:error:  cannot create /var/app/staging/.next/server/pages/\u6e2c\u8a66/\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66.html
        File name too long
error:  cannot create /var/app/staging/.next/server/pages/\u6e2c\u8a66/\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66\u6e2c\u8a66.json
        File name too long

I was able to unzip the file with option -O UTF-8, is there any way I could add this flag to the eb deploy unzip process?

edit 1. I am working with the Platform 64bit Amazon Linux 2/5.4.9

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