How to create a TXT record in for Azure AD verification with Azure provided information.


i have a domain registered in route53 and an Azure account that I would like to this domain for. Azure provided me with the necessary details to create the TXT record however, I am not able to create the txt records with the given information. For example:

  • in route 53 when you want to specify an alias or hostname, when creating a txt record aws forces you to route traffic to another record in this hosted zone.
  • There is no option to enter an Alias or hostname and the value for the Destination or points to address.

My question is how can I create the TXT record with the information provided by Azure, I checked on Cloudflare and this process is relatively simple. Plug in the Details and everything works. Attached is a screenshot of a TXT record creation process that doesn't work with azure provided information.

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Thanks for your Help.

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is it worked for you by any chance i am also facing the same issue can you please help me in resolving it

answered 10 months ago

You don't want an alias, that's something else. More specifically, it's an AWS-specific thing to alias to explicit AWS resources. You simply want a text string, so switch the ALIAS button to off and paste your string in.

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answered a year ago
  • Hi, I am afraid I am still getting the same error on Azure with the following message: Could not find the DNS record for this domain. DNS changes may take up to 72 hours to propagate, Please try again later. My txt records are as follows: Yes I switch the ALIAS button off and put the Microsoft @ symbol in quotation on separate lines as indicated by AWS.

    record name Record type :TXT Value: "@" "MS=************" Alias :No TTL (seconds) :3600 Routing policy : Simple

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