Add sharedIdentifier to Event Bridge trigger for Batch


I'm trying to setup an aws batch job to run daily. Through the AWS batch GUI I've created the job definition, job queue & compute environment. The job can successfully run when, via batch, a new job is manually configured & submitted. I'm now trying to use an Event Bridge rule to automate the daily job execution but running into an issue. The trigger runs but returns the following error (from CloudTrail):

"responseElements": {
        "message": "shareIdentifier must be specified.",
        "__type": "ClientException"

When manually executing the batch job there's an option to enter a share identifier but when configuring the Event Bridge rule this option doesn't exist.

When defining the Event Bridge rule, the following configuration has been used:

  • Rule Type: Schedule
  • Target:
    • Target Type: AWS Service
    • Select a target: Batch Job queue
    • The job queue, definition & name are entered

Further to this, I've tried to configure target inputs (Constant (JSON text) ) & tried the following approaches:

First Attempt

  "ContainerOverrides": {
    "shareIdentifier": "*"

Second Attempt

  "schedulingPriorityOverride": 1,
  "shareIdentifier": "*"

But none of these have worked. In fact, when examining Cloud Trail neither attempt appears in requestParameters.

Any suggestions or working examples for how to solve it?

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