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Support for RDS Oracle as source while using DMS SCN for CDC


I have a scenario where the customer would like to have a ongoing replica for an RDS Oracle (SE2) database as source to another RDS Oracle (SE2) database as target in a different region. Given the new support for SCN in DMS, can we do an offline backup and export of the source databse using Oracle native tools, and use DMS with SCN for CDC? I know this was not recommended before, but going through the documentation at it looks possible. Any comments? The database has LOBs and is large at over 5-6 TB. Thanks

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Yes this was possible before the native SCN support also, without the SCN support you had the option to start the CDC task using the timestamp only and the issue was that the specific timestamp there could be several SCN's associated with it . Now with Native SCN support you can specify the SCN to the CDC task.

answered 4 years ago

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