Creating SNS notifications from cloudwatch log group for rds


Required steps for creating SNS notification from cloudwatch log group for rds

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  1. Open the Amazon RDS console, and select the RDS instance for which you want to create an SNS notification.
  2. Click on the "Logs" tab, and then click on the "View all" button next to the "Log files" section.
  3. From the log files list, click on the name of the log group for which you want to create an SNS notification.
  4. On the log group page, click on the "Actions" dropdown menu, and select "Create export task".
  5. In the "Create export task" dialog box, enter a name for the export task, and select "Amazon S3" as the destination.
  6. Select the S3 bucket where you want to store the exported log data, and configure the export options as per your requirements.
  7. Click on the "Create export task" button to create the export task.
  8. Open the Amazon SNS console, and create a new topic for your notification.
  9. From the topic's details page, click on the "Create subscription" button, and select the protocol of your choice
  10. Enter the details of the protocol accordingly. e.g. if you choose Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, then you need to provide the ARN of delivery stream that you want to subscribe to
  11. Now, go back to the RDS instance logs page, and click on the "Actions" dropdown menu again.
  12. This time, select "Create log subscription".
  13. In the "Create log subscription" dialog box, select the SNS topic you created in step 8 as the destination.
  14. Configure any additional settings for the subscription, and click on the "Create" button to create the subscription.


answered a year ago

Make some assumption here:

  1. RDS logs are being delivered to CloudWatch Logs.
  2. You are looking for events in the logs to trigger a notification.

If so:

  1. Create a Metric Filter
  2. Create a Alarm of that metric
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answered a year ago

follow below link, explaining how to setup SNS notification for your RDS based on event match with Cloudwatch filter match.

answered a year ago

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