How does the agent know when new calls come in so that they can put the existing call on hold and answer the new call?


I need a way to notified all agents when a new call in the queue so that the agent quick transfer the current contact back to the queue and take the new call if it has priority

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If you’re using the default CCP/Workspaces, then give the agents access to real-time dashboards/reports.

Thx Dan

answered 13 days ago
  • This is the best way, but I would say you’re trying to solve a an issue of staffing with technology. If you don’t have enough staff to handle calls, I would not rely on technology to truly solve this.


You can use the "Rules" features to generate an alert--either email or an EventBridge event would be most useful, instead of task.

If you select an EventBridge event, you can then subscribe an SNS topic to alert other channels when these EventBridge events are triggered. Via a lambda, you could even send a message to a Microsoft Teams channel when the Rules criteria is matched.

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answered 9 days ago

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