Runbook fails at initialization without further information


I have deployed a runbook using stacksets in multiple regions and accounts. The runbook runs fine in the initial account (where I created and ran it it for testing, and then deleted it before deploying it again using a stackset), but does not work in any other account/region combination.

After running the stackset, the various runbooks in all regions/accounts are exactly the same. Below is the error I get in a failing region using the CLI and "describe-remediation-execution-status". There is no log to find in Cloudtrail using the StartAutomationExecution event.

What could be a possible cause?


"RemediationExecutionStatuses": [
        "ResourceKey": {
            "resourceType": "AWS::EC2::Instance",
            "resourceId": "i-xyz"
        "State": "FAILED",
        "StepDetails": [
                "Name": "Initialization",
                "State": "FAILED",
                "ErrorMessage": "Invalid Automation document content for name-of-the-runbook",
                "StartTime": "000",
                "StopTime": "001"
        "InvocationTime": "000",
        "LastUpdatedTime": "001"


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