Not enough space on device and unable to SSH.


Hi all,
So I am an noob to AWS but I have been running a bitnami-wordpress site on an Ubuntu EC2 t3.small for about 2 years. I recently came across an issue where I can not longer access my site (Service unavailable 503) and I am also unable to SSH in to my instance (timed out). After looking at the system log I found several errors with "OSError: No space left on device". So I did the following steps

Stop the instance.
Created a snap of the volume.
Created a new volume from snap with larger size.
Detached the old volume and attached the new one.
Start the instance.

Looking at the system log after starting the instance, I am still getting the not enough space error and an error with "Failed to start Apply the settings specified in cloud-config". Since I cant SSH in to the instance, I am unable to extend the os to the new volume. Can someone please help with his issue. Thank you.


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maybe you can spin up a temp new running instance.

Connect/mount the "full" volume to the new running instance

cd into it and delete some stuff to free up space and
then you should be able to run it and expand the file system.

As a root user the system should reserve a small amount of
space for the root user and should be able to mount and free up
some space.

Thinking about it, once you have the full volume mounted to
the temp running instance you should be able to expand the file
system from there.

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Thank you very much that solved my issue!

answered 2 years ago

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