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/AWS scheduled Backup Plans not working!/

AWS scheduled Backup Plans not working!


On December 1st, I created both a daily and monthly backup plan. With the plans integrated into AWS, no Backup Jobs have been started or completed since. Therefore, there must be an issue with the scheduled Backup Plans.

I tried to troubleshoot following this guide:

Point 1 - all resources are enabled. Point 2 - the backup window is set accordingly. Point 3 - there is an IAM role assigned to the Resource. Point 4 - I don't remember using tags. Point 5 - not using cross-accounts, so this does not apply.

Can someone with technical expertise please help me find the issue with my backups?

Thank you.

asked 5 months ago20 views
1 Answers

Hi Humza, how are you assigning your resources to the backup plan? You said that you are not using tags. Are you using resource IDs/ARNs ?

answered 5 months ago
  • Hi. The resource is assigned to IAM role ARN, with the ARN being: ".../AWSBackupDefaultServiceRole". Having checked the resource, there are two tags assigned, but these were just used as descriptions.

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