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How to integrate Amazon S3 into Microsoft Access


I am supporting a well established Microsoft Access application. I have previously written a separate VB.Net application to backup the database to an AWS S3 Bucket. But I would like to integrate this backup routine into the MS Access code (VBA). If I try to add the dll's (AWSSDK.Core.dll & AWSSDK.S3.dll) from the VB.NET code as References to the Access(VBA) it fails "Can't add reference to the specified file". In Access terms References as Type Libraries. So where can I find a Type Library which gives S3 functionality to some VBA code?

Many thanks

1 Answer

Hi, I understand you're attempting to integrate Amazon S3 with Microsoft Access.

Unfortunately, AWS does not have any features available right now that can be directly used to integrate S3 with Microsoft Access. You will have to code on your side and use our SDK for Amazon S3.

Here is documentation that may help you understand this integration better:

Please contact AWS Support if you have any further questions, and feel free to reach out to us via a support case ticket to facilitate a discussion on the specifics of your resources!

answered 2 months ago

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