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/How to failback to Original Writer instance after Upgrade/

How to failback to Original Writer instance after Upgrade


Currently i have 1 writer and 2 reader instance in AuroraDB. When I was trying to change the instance write instance type to larger instance, aurora automatically promoted a reader instance to writer. But after the upgrade finish, the original writer instance stayed as reader instance. Is there a way to have a automatic failback to the original writer after the upgrade is completed?

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Unfortunately, no. The upgrade is designed to failover first to reduce downtime. The readers and write should be on the similar instance class in Aurora cluster. You can try either of these:

  • Upgrade your new writer now, which would automatically failover to give your original configuration with both instances to new instance sizing.
  • Manually failover the cluster to switch the configuration from console, CLI or API call, and then you can upgrade reader without a failover.
answered 2 months ago

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