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Lumberyard and Steam



How does it work for if i make a game and decide to host the game on steam? When i host, it on there, they host the Multiplayer servers. Would that be allowed? How would it work with how Lumberyard is free, but you use aws to host the servers.

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3 Answers

According to Lumberyard's FAQ:


Q. Can my Lumberyard game connect to services like Steamworks, Xbox Live, PSN, Apple Game Center, Google Play Games, or console social services?
A. Yes. Your game may read and write data to platform services and public third-party game services for player save state, identity, social graph, matchmaking, chat, notifications, achievements, leaderboards, advertising, player acquisition, in-game purchasing, analytics, and crash reporting.

Q. Can my game use an alternate web service instead of AWS?
A. No. By “alternate web service” we mean any non-AWS web service that is similar to or can act as a replacement for Amazon EC2, Amazon Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon RDS, Amazon S3, Amazon EBS, Amazon EC2 Container Service, or Amazon GameLift. You can use hardware you own and operate for your game servers.

Q. Is it okay for me to use my own servers?
A. Yes. You can use hardware you own and operate for your game. It’s also ok for your users to connect peer-to-peer, and for users to host personal servers (as long as they’re not operating as a service provider business).

---End Quote----

So you can connect to Steamworks, but you can't use Steam as host service for your multiplayer game, it is not allow because it's operating as a service provider business.

Hope I understand your question correctly.

answered 5 years ago

The steam part is an issue, as your forced to pay for the servers while hosing your game on there, so if you are putting your game on there, then you would end up paying for aws and steam. Steam its not like its optional as its part of the take they take and its already 30-40% they take. Steam can not be defined by an alternaitive web service as its just the multi player servers and you cant use them unless you have a game sold on there. I would like to get input from a LY Staff on this rather than a quote....

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answered 5 years ago

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