Next Aurora MySQL version release?


We've discovered a production impacting bug in MySQL that affects all Aurora MySQL v3 versions. The issue has been fixed in MySQL v8.0.26. Aurora MySQL v3 is based off v8.0.23.

When could we expect the next version of Amazon Aurora MySQL version 3? and what version of MySQL 8 will it be based off?


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Hello, JasonF.

As you may already know, Aurora MySQL 3.02.0, which is compatible with MySQL 8.0.23, is currently the latest Aurora MySQL release. Please consult the attached documentation to see the current version of Aurora MySQL 3.02:


Regrettably, Aurora MySQL 8.0.26 is currently not yet released, however, I would like to assure you that the internal Aurora teams are constantly working on fixing any existing MySQL bugs, as well as working towards releasing the most updated Aurora MySQL versions (such as 8.0.26). However, regrettably, these internal timelines are not provided or visible to Support Engineers such as myself. Aurora MySQL database engine updates 2022-04-20 (version 3.02.0, compatible with MySQL 8.0.23) (Default) - Amazon Aurora

I would also advised you to keep an eye on what’s new for future releases: Amazon Web Services, Inc. What’s New at AWS – Cloud Innovation & News The AWS Cloud platform expands daily.

answered 2 years ago

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