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Charge for 77hs for attached elastic ip


Last month I signed up for the free tier and I just got an invoice for only $0.39:
South America (Sao Paulo)
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud running Windows $0.00
$0.00 per Windows t2.micro instance-hour (or partial hour) under monthly free tier
193 Hrs - $0.00

EBS $0.00
$0.00 per GB-month of General Purpose (SSD) provisioned storage under monthly free tier
10.899 GB-Mo - $0.00

Elastic IP Addresses $0.39
$0.00 per Elastic IP address not attached to a running instance for the first hour
1 Hrs - $0.00
$0.005 per Elastic IP address not attached to a running instance per hour (prorated)
77.400 Hrs - $0.39

I had the ip detached to EC2 instance for like 5 minutes maximum.
In any case, I had it attached to a Stopped EC2, but I dont see any charges for that.
I had the EC2 off for like a few days, but then turned on every since after that.
The charges show up on the only region i been working with, i have no other elastic ips.

Anybody can explain why i got charged if the ip has been attached to an EC2 running for 95% of its life time?

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1 Answer

Hi Kevin,
It appears that the Elastic IP charges for an EIP attached to a Stopped EC2 instance is the same as an EIP not attached to anything. Thus, is it possible that your EC2 was in the Stopped state for 77 hours?

From the AWS docs:
"To ensure efficient use of Elastic IP addresses, we impose a small hourly charge when these IP addresses are not associated with a running instance or when they are associated with a stopped instance or unattached network interface."


answered 3 years ago

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