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Hello, I have setup WorkMail with 8 users. I can send emails out without any issues and they are all received properly.

I am having problem with not receiving emails from some senders and they get lost/rejected with no trace or log in AWS CloudWatch. For instance, I don't receive anything from Steam, or British Airways and some others. And I don't have anything logged about this.

I tried changing the receipt condition by adding individual email addressed rather than the domain, but it did not make any difference. I also tried switching off DMARC with no luck. I don't have any inbound rules that could complicate receiving mails etc.

I have checked many times, the domain records. All are green and nothing is misconfigured from my view.

Some of the emails that are rejected are important to me and I don't know that they are sent in the first place, until I chase the sender etc and they are unable to provide me with details as they haven't got anything bounced.

Please advise. Thanks a lot

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I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with receiving some mails. Here are a few steps you can take to debug your mail flow:

  1. check that your MX record is correct and only points to WorkMail. No other service or server should be listed here.
  2. If the MX record is correct, check in the SES console if your recipient rule is delivering mail to WorkMail and if any other actions are executed before the WorkMail action, make sure they do not fail and do not have a stop condition. (More details on receipt rules in the SES console can be found here: Docs)
  3. If there are no problems with the receipt rules you can start checking the WorkMail configuration like mail flow rules (Docs) and DMARC enforcement (Docs) but you already mentioned that you do not have any Mail flow rules and have disabled DMARC enforcement.
  4. You can also check on a mailbox level that there are no mailbox rules removing these mails. (Docs
  5. If that is all correct you can check with the sender to ensure they are sending the mail to the correct email address.

If all these check do not show any issues, I would advise you to create a support case so get further help with your case.

Kind regards, Robin

answered a year ago

Hi, thanks The above check list are basic troubleshooting and non helped. I have found similar questions that you answered with the same check list. I will have to raise a support ticket. Not sure I can though with basic plan.

answered a year ago

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