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Getting InvalidSsmlException For Valid SSML (Neural voices only)


Here is the SSML in question:

<speak><prosody rate="100%" pitch="-21%">India's massive COVID surge puzzles scientists</prosody></speak>

Not that if I remove the pitch attribute it does not fail. Also, the same SSML works fine for Standard voices. Is there a bug? The same SSML worked fine previously for Neural voices but stopped working at some point recently. Any help is appreciated.

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Edited by: bretwilliam on May 2, 2021 10:27 AM

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1 Answers

Never Mind. I just found this bit in the AWS documentation: "This tag is fully supported by the standard TTS format. The <prosody volume> and <prosody rate> tags are fully supported by NTTS, but the <prosody pitch> tag is not supported."

answered a year ago

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