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Can't connect to an RDS Instance from Lambda (different account tough)



I am trying to connect to an RDS Instance for developpement purpose from a Lambda function used as an Authorizer. But it seems to timeout each time.

I have another database which works fine

Some detailed informations :

About the RDS instance Network Configuration :

  • RDS Instance is wide open. I can connect from my computer with Pgadmin.
  • Inbound rules of the group security attached to the RDS are correct :
    *PGS TCP 5432 -
    *PGS TCP 5432 - ::/0
  • DNS are OK
  • Using default aws VPC.

About the lambda function :

  • There is already a database settings configured in the code and it works fine.
  • Outbound rules of the scurity group attached to the lambda are OK
    ALL, ::/0
  • Public accessibility : Yes
  • Code is OK since i can connect to an another database in my account

One difference tough : the rds instance i am trying to connect is not on the same aws account that i am using but in the same region (west3c). I don't think this is a problem.

I am out of idea.

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1 Answer

Oh yeah ... my vpc doesn't access to the internet ...

Removing the vpc from the lambda resolves the issue.

answered 2 years ago

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