Can we generate a custom URL to access the s3 bucket object lifetime?


Hello guys, can we generate a custom URL or any other way through which we can store the URL in DynamoDB so we can access that object anytime, or if I grant all the permission to specify bucket or grant access? Is there any solution for this

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Hi, Yes, there is a way to do that by using the Pre-Signed URL.( you can also verify TTL (time to live) for the same URL. However, I would never suggest following this process for private AWS access. instead of that use a bucket policy for DynomoDB and S3 to access the s3 bucket (A secure way to access it). For public uses always attached TTL for security.

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You can do that in several ways and choose a right option based on the consumers of the object, data sensitivity and access controls you would like to have.

Some resources that could help you - (Short Living URL - Max. 12 hours life time at this moment)

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answered 2 years ago

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