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AppStream 2.0 - Access Control for different users and monitoring


A customer wants to use AppStream 2.0 for a simple application that utilize GPU a lot.

This might be a very simple question but I can't find the answer from our webpage, the questions are:

  1. Multiple users will be using the app remotely, how can a user only access his/her data and can't see data from other else.
  2. Can it integrate with Workdoc so that user can access his/her own files in the app?
  3. Can admin monitor the CPU/RAM/GPU utilization of the AppStream?
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  1. With AppStream, each user connects to their own instance: there is no sharing of instance between users. From the admin guide A streaming instance is an EC2 instance that is made available to a single user for streaming. You can allow users to have their own storage -

  2. You can configure the WorkDocs Drive client in an AppStream image so that users running an AppStream streaming instance can access their WorkDocs documents. - although I'd perform the install of workdocs to configure the default drive letter as part of the image build process.

  3. An admin could use tools to monitor resource usage within the AppStream session, then save that to be ingested in CloudWatch, or Kinesis. Or use third party tools - for example AWS Partner Liquidware has Stratusphere UX which can be used for granular insight into resource usage -

answered 3 years ago

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