how to delete aws lambda delete-event-source-mapping


Need help please on exactly what to type into this 'template' for each region. I am just getting errors.

For example:

[cloudshell-user@ip-10-0-83-24 ~]$ aws lambda list-event-source-mappings { "EventSourceMappings": [ { "UUID": "7cfec532-d93a-4182-adf6-005fd71e7601", "BatchSize": 1, "MaximumBatchingWindowInSeconds": 20, "EventSourceArn": "arn:aws:sqs:us-east-1:350284300366:logness", "FunctionArn": "arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:350284300366:function:_logness", "LastModified": "2022-01-05T11:53:10.406000+00:00", "State": "Disabled", "StateTransitionReason": "USER_INITIATED", "FunctionResponseTypes": [] } ] } [cloudshell-user@ip-10-0-83-24 ~]$

QUESTION >> please help me by showing me exactly what text to enter for this template (I am not understanding template)

“aws lambda delete-event-source-mapping --uuid <VALUE>(NM2) --region <Region code[NM3] >”

thank you for any specific assistance.

To delete Lambda Pull Event Source:

While performing below commands, kindly make sure that IAM user has correct IAM permissions:

  1. Log in to the console using:
  2. Search for CloudShell in search bar and click on the CloudShell service.
  3. Type the command: “aws lambda list-functions --region <Region code>

You will be presented with all the functions that are currently running on the account. If you have any unauthorized functions that are still running, please follow the instruction in this Document to delete the functions.

  1. Type the command: “aws lambda list-event-source-mappings –uuid <VALUE> --region <Region code>” You will be presented with the UUID for all the Lambda functions that were triggered by a secondary service. This needs to be used in the next in the next command.

  2. Type the command: “aws lambda delete-event-source-mapping --uuid <VALUE> --region <Region code>” The Event source mapping for the Lambda functions will be deleted.

  3. If you have multiple event source mappings, repeat step 5 for each of the UUID.

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I think something like this should work:

aws lambda delete-event-source-mapping --uuid 7cfec532-d93a-4182-adf6-005fd71e7601 --region us-east-1

That is a destructive operation, so be sure you want to delete that source mapping before you run it.

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