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Suspicious Billing with SageMaker


Hi, I'm being charged up to USD 16,000 with AWS SageMaker when I'm not using anything. I keep receiving suspicious activity notification with my account. What should I do to terminate this SageMaker billing? Should I close my account?

1 Answers

If you identify suspicious activity on your account, you should

  • Identify any unauthorized actions taken by the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) identities in your account.
  • Identify any unauthorized access or changes to your account.
  • Identify the creation of any unauthorized resources or IAM users.

Steps to perform these activities can be found here:

You should as well look at all the resources in your account and identify/terminate the ones that are not legitimate.

AWS cost explorer can help you identify where these Sagemaker charges are and you can terminate them:

Open a case with support if you have any question. Whatever support level you currently have you can always create a Billing/account case to understand any past or upcoming charges.

Once this is done, make sure you apply security best practices to protect your aws account :

answered a month ago

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