Error generating an AFI with an .xclbin created with Vitis 2020.2



I am getting an error when I try create an AFI with a 2020.2 Vitis .xclbin.

I'm using aws-fpga v1.4.19.

It seems like Vivado 2020.1 is being used.


Vivado v2020.1 (64-bit)

SW Build 2902540 on Wed May 27 19:54:35 MDT 2020

IP Build 2902112 on Wed May 27 22:43:36 MDT 2020

Start of session at: Sat Apr 10 14:48:42 2021

Process ID: 11292

Current directory: /home/builder/scripts

Command line: vivado -mode batch -source ingest.tcl

Log file: /home/builder/scripts/vivado.log

Journal file: /home/builder/scripts/vivado.jou

source ingest.tcl

set userDCP "../checkpoints/SH_CL_routed.dcp"

set awsDCP "../checkpoints/SH_CL_BB_routed.dcp"

set awsDCPStripped "../checkpoints/SH_CL_BB_stripped.dcp"

set powerDefaultRPT "../reports/power_report.default.rpt"

set powerStaticRPT "../reports/power_report.static.rpt"

set timingRPT "../reports/SH_CL_final_timing_summary.rpt"

set ioRPT "../reports/report_io.rpt"

set partialBIT "../bitstreams/SH_CL_final_pblock_CL_partial.bit"

set partialLTX "../bitstreams/SH_CL_final_pblock_CL_partial.ltx"


puts "Ingest start time: \[[clock format [clock seconds] -format {%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Y}]]"

Ingest start time: [Sat Apr 10 14:51:01 2021]

set_param hd.supportClockNetCrossDiffReconfigurablePartitions 1

set_param hd.platformVerifyCachedRun false

check_integrity $userDCP

INFO: [Vivado 12-5531] Integrity check successful: /home/builder/checkpoints/SH_CL_routed.dcp
check_integrity: Time (s): cpu = 00:00:07 ; elapsed = 00:00:07 . Memory (MB): peak = 2181.945 ; gain = 0.004 ; free physical = 66549 ; free virtual = 89717

set_msg_config -severity INFO -suppress

set_msg_config -severity STATUS -suppress

set_msg_config -severity WARNING -suppress

CRITICAL WARNING: [Common 17-1355] You are suppressing all messages of type 'WARNING'. You may potentially disregard important DRC, CDC, and implementation messages that can negatively impact your design. If this is not desired, please run 'reset_msg_config -suppress -severity {WARNING}' to undo this change.

set_msg_config -id {Chipscope 16-3} -suppress

set_msg_config -string {AXI_QUAD_SPI} -suppress

puts "Opening user DCP $userDCP: \[[clock format [clock seconds] -format {%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Y}]]"

Opening user DCP ../checkpoints/SH_CL_routed.dcp: [Sat Apr 10 14:51:09 2021]

open_checkpoint $userDCP

ERROR: [Runs 36-378] The checkpoint '/home/builder/checkpoints/SH_CL_routed.dcp' was created with 'Vivado v2020.2 (64-bit)', and cannot be opened in this version.

Edited by: Yaniv42 on Apr 10, 2021 8:51 AM

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1 Answer

I found the error on my side. XILINX_VITIS was set to 2020.1 when I ran the script.

answered 3 years ago

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