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Hi, I hope you can help me. I am trying to implement API conversions using the Gateway conversions API.

But I have not succeeded. Basically I start the STACK creation but the process hangs, see screenshot. Enter image description here

From what I understand and what you have advised, I need to increase the task duration.

However, even reading this guide I cannot implement the code.

Can you explain to me step by step how to implement the code I need to extend the task duration?

And do I have to enter the code while the stack creation is in progress or after it has failed?

Thanks for your help

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Hi, look at steps from 3 to 5 in You need to make an http call to the provided endpoint to wake up the CFN so that it can continue its creation.

The best is to try manually with curl from your terminal when you make initial tests. See provided examples in the page here above.

Best, Didier

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answered a year ago
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reviewed 3 months ago
  • Hi, perfect now it worked!!

  • thank you very much for your help


Hi, we found that it is probably related to one of the issue AWS rolled out recently.

The CAPIG team has made a patch to handle this. Maybe you can retry and see whether it works now?

answered a year ago
  • Hi, perfect now it worked!!

  • thank you very much!

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