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Budgeting for Split Costs


I'm trying and failing to get a budget to use the Total Allocated Cost for a Cost Category Value. I've read the documentation and as far as I can tell this is not supported? I think I'm SOL but I wanted to check here before I gave up. I'll explain what I'm trying to do below.

I've set up cost categories for each project with rules for each environment with an example below. I have three additional rules letting me split some costs that are shared between environments. Now I want to apply a budget to get alerts when the dev environment (or any environment for that matter) exceeds its budget. But the split costs are not reflected outside the Cost Categories Overview. As far as the budget console is concerned dev is only costing $19.61 a month, it is completely ignoring the additional costs coming in from the split.

Is there anyway to get budget alerts on the total allocated cost for the P1-Dev Value?


ValueCostSplit ChargeTotal Allocated Cost
P1-Shared-All (Split charge)$533.05$0.00$0.00
P1-Dev-Test (Split charge)$469.44$0.00$0.00
P1-Acpt-Prod (Split charge)$0.00$0.00$0.00

Seems odd that I can't get the budget to respect the totals.. is there an obvious work around that I'm to new to see?

1 Answers

Split Charges are only available in the Cost Category view and can't be used in Cost Explorer or AWS Budgets currently.

answered 5 months ago

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