Modify Transit Gateway Properties After Creation


When a Transit Gateway (TGW) is created, either in CloudFormation or in the console, several properties can be configured, specifically:

  • AutoAcceptSharedAttachments
  • DefaultRouteTableAssociation
  • DefaultRouteTablePropagation
  • Description
  • DnsSupport
  • VpnEcmpSupport

Once the TGW is created, Is there a way for a user to change these properties after creation without having to re-create the TGW again?

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Accepted Answer

Transit Gateway (TGW) allow the modification of certain properties after the creation.

When you modify a transit gateway, the modified options are applied to new transit gateway attachments only. Your existing transit gateway attachments are not modified.

Refer to Modify a transit gateway in the user guide or the AWS CLI/API docs for options that can be modified after creation.

answered 5 years ago

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