Please tell me about failure detection and automatic switching method of the web server


When operating a redundant WEB 3-layer system in different AZs as follows

  • Detect the failure when "OS failure" occurs as an example at the point The method and procedure for automatically disconnecting the AZ side with ALB and routing to AZ ② please tell me.

*Is there a mechanism for linking information from the AP server → WEB server → AP server? Please let me know if there is a reference document

I don't have auto scaling set

ALB→web server→*AP server→RDS AZ①

↘ Web server → AP server ↗   AZ②
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Hi There

Please take a look at this reference architecture for hosting a three-tier web application across multiple availability zones

Also, here is a whitepaper guide for hosting web applications on AWS

You might also find the documentation about Load Balancer health checks useful

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answered 3 months ago

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