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I am working on a project to migrate our SQL Server databases from the existing environments to AWS EC2's.

My first stage was to migrate a series of SQL Server databases from it's existing RDS instance to the newly create EC2 instance with SQL Server installed. I was told the best way to migrate these databases was to use Database Migration Services and migrate them over as this would give me a repeatable process that can be started at any time.

Have I been told correctly? or is there an alternative way that's better?
Excuse my newbie way of detailing everything. I am a newbie and been thrown in at the deep end.

Thank you (In Advance)

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yes, it is the right tool.
More information about you want to achieve here:

You are able to use MSSQL on RDS as source on DMS:

And you are able to use a MSSQL on EC2 instance as target on DMS:

Just check that your MSSQL version is supported.


answered 3 years ago

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