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Is possible to set up the BGP pass on a S2S VPN connection


Hi all, I want to set up a S2S VPN connection using dynamic routing between on-prem and AWS environment. But on-prem engineers are telling me to set up a BGP password on this VPN in AWS side. Is possible to set up a BGP password in AWS side? As I didn't found anything about BGP password on S2S VPN documentation and in console as well, didn't found the field for BGP password. I know that on a Direct Connect is possible to set up a BGP password. I'm only asking is for a S2S VPN is possible as well? Thank you, Valentin.

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No, that's not possible today. Please get in touch with your local AWS account team so that we can add this as a feature request.

Also: What's the requirement for having a password on the BGP session? The BGP session can only be established within the VPN tunnel which is already authenticated and encrypted so adding a password for BGP doesn't increase the level of security.

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answered 5 months ago
  • Thank you Brettski for the fast reply on my question. That was my assumption as well, it's great to have a confirmation :). In my opinion the requirement is purely due to following some guidelines too strictly. Most of them applied on on-prem configuration. Have a great day! Valentin

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