Edge-Optimized with local endpoint?


Hi all,

I created an edge optimized AWS API and when I look at the URL, it contains a region. Why? Does edge optimized not mean that some CloudFront-Distribution offers a global URL?

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An Edge-Optimized API does use CloudFront to take advantage of POPs close to your calling clients to try to minimize TLS negotiation time, however, ultimately the API itself is still regional and belongs to the AWS region in which you created it. That means that if there is an availability event in that region, your API could be impacted.

To say it another way, Edge-Optimized APIs are not global APIs.

Hope this clarifies.


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Any ideas?

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Thanks for your answer! I always use the URL with the "local"-URL (containing region) to invoke the API (which is shown in the AWS Console). Is there any ("global") Cloud Front URL as well?

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