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Does Workspace use Internet from AWS or local Internet?



Just started playing with Workspaces and I'm curious if the Internet in Workspaces is from my local ISP or from AWS? I noticed it has a different IP so not really sure. If I log in now, I can browse the Internet, but again not sure if it's using mine that I connect to or from AWS. I also have the running mode in "Autostop" but I want to change it to "Always On" with the expectation that I can log in from anywhere and see my desktop in the last state it was in using the same Internet.

Any confirmation or clarification on this would be appreciated!

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When you browse the internet from your Workspace its using the AWS internet connection.

For Modifying the RUnning Mode to Always On, see

To modify the running mode of a WorkSpace

Open the WorkSpaces console at

In the navigation pane, choose WorkSpaces.

Select the WorkSpace to modify and choose Actions, Modify Running Mode Properties.

Select the new running mode, AlwaysOn or AutoStop, and then choose Modify.

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answered 14 days ago
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reviewed 13 days ago
  • Thanks Matt! This was exactly what I was looking for,



When deploying Workspaces you define networking (subnet) and would have two options:

  • Launch your WorkSpaces in private subnets and configure a NAT gateway in a public subnet in your VPC.
  • Launch your WorkSpaces in public subnets and automatically or manually assign public IP addresses to your WorkSpaces. You can look for more details on this admin guide page.

Note: Be aware that assigning public IP to your Workspace would mean they might be reachable directly from internet depending on your security groups configuration.

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answered 14 days ago

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