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obtaining Timeout expired while connecting from pgadmin to RDS postgres db instance


Hello All , While we are trying to connect from pgamin to RDS postgres db instance we are obtaining 'timeout expired' . Basis on a gut feeling as skimmed from support case possibly it could be due to connectivity issue. Is there any commands that cne be tried to rule out or confirm Enter image description here connectivity issue. Thanks a Lot Thulsi Doss Krishnan

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2 Answers


I think you have a configuration issue and there are two options:

  • Your RDS instance should be public: in this case, you need to ensure in your instance settings, under Connectivity, then Additional configuration section, you chose "Publicly accessible".
  • Your RDS instance should be private: in this case, you need to check the network configuration is setup correctly (Security Group, NACL, etc...). Everything is described below.

I suggest you take a look to the following guides:

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answered 2 months ago
  • thanks Mickael however all the points that you have mentioned is not the case for us. All the users have been configured correctly as this was not the case before. The user who is reporting 'timeout expired ' has the environment working correctly before. May be there is some thing on the connectivity ? is there any way to measure some packet getting dropped or something like that.

  • Is your RDS instance public or private ?


hi Mickael-AWS the instance is private

answered 2 months ago

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