How to connect to Oracle on-premise from AWS DMS?


Hello, I have the Oracle 19c that running on my laptop, and I can connect to it from other laptops. Then I setup a endpoint to access to this Oracle, and provided my public ip address that I got it from , port, user and password.

Then I tried to test this endpoint with created replication instance to check connection but received error "Application-Status: 1020912" and** "Login timeout"** Note: I disabled firewall on my laptop. And add rule to outbound with my public IP address in security group to allow connection access to my laptop.

I'm going to use DMS for data migration from on-premise to Oracle RDS, so want to do some steps with my laptop in advance. Are there more steps I need to do at AWS then can access to my Oracle on my laptop?

Please advise. Thank you.

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I am assuming that you are trying to access your laptop at home over your home internet? In which case, there may be at least two causes of this problem. Firstly, you may have specified the IP address incorrectly. I have noticed that "" can sometimes be confused by broadband routers using shared IP addresses (such as Virgin internet). So check the router settings directly. Secondly, your broadband provider may be blocking port 1521 which Oracle uses. I would check the logs on your router to see if that may be the cause of the problem. As a final check, have you been able to run something like SQL Developer over the Internet to your Laptop? If not, that would suggest that the issue is with restrictions in your broadband configuration. Hope this helps.

answered 2 years ago
  • Hi Dennis_A, Thank you. I'm using my home internet for this practice. "Have you been able to run something like SQL Developer over the Internet to your Laptop?" --> You mean access to my laptop from other internet network? I can access to my Laptop from others within my home internet.


You would also need to make sure you're using the right VPC for the RI. When adding the endpoint, you can test the connectivity using the VPC that you'll then choose while creating the RI. Here's the link - which has the Test portion near the end.

Make sure your VPC is configured to work properly with your setup -

answered 2 years ago
  • Thank you so much. I have checked these guidelines.


Hi In your router admin page . Enable forwarding to your ip and port number . In DMS provide public IP of router and port 1521 .You will be able to connect

answered 2 years ago

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