Sending to validated emails - causes high bounce rates with SES


Hi guys!

I have a problem:

I'm using own validated (remote smtp email user checked) + surely confirmed clean (all bouncing addresses were removed just a week ago, we were sending with own server)

Yesterday I've tried to send msg to the list with SES and got over 15% bounces, which is cannot be, because today I've sent mail to same addresses from my own server and got only 0.2% of bounces.

Is there a chance that SES delivery servers just being rejected by recipients?

PS: Please do not suggest double check my list, it is ok, I've over 6 mln addresses and deliver 300-400k daily with own servers - I wanted to use SES only for lists already confirmed ok and deliverable.



PS: I can see now, yahoo, aol, reject all mails from SES......cleaned list up and will try again

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1 Answer

Did you tried using dedicated IP instead of SES default IP ?

answered 4 years ago

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