How to get a fixed IP (pingable) for Streamlit app hosted on AWS Lightsail?



I have my streamlit app hosted and running on AWS Lightsail. My app displays information by accessing data from internal organization database (MariaDB). The IT team has requested for a fixed IP address for it which needs to be ping-able. I have attached a static IP address to my instance, but it is not that. Can anyone please help?

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It sounds like you figured out the static ip. To enable Ping/ICMP, you will need to edit your firewall for the Lightsail instance and allow PING.

To enable Ping/ICMP:

  1. Navigate to the networking page for your instance
  2. Under the firewall section, choose +Add rule.
  3. From the application list, choose PING (ICMP). Choose Save.
  4. From a terminal window on your local machine, send a ping command to your Lightsail instance’s IP address. You can find the IP address from the Connect tab of the instance details page or from instance card on the Lightsail home page.
ping -c 5
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answered 3 months ago
  • Thank you so much!!! This was helpful

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