[bug] aws provisioned acm certificate validation time out in route53 registered domain


bug to reproduce:

  • request public certificate from acm
  • go to add record in route53 hosted zone
  • validation state: pending validation
1 Answer

Have you double-checked the CNAME you added to the hosted zone? Made sure you've put it in the right hosted zone, and its name & value match exactly what they should be? Also that you haven't doubled-up on the domain part, as the way the Route 53 console fields work is the domain is added for you and you just paste in the prefix part of the CNAME's name.

answered 3 months ago
  • so, this is a brand new hosted zone I recreated there are no other records except the one auto-generated by acm, again it is auto-generated by aws with a click of a button, I checked the records anyway, they are exact match to CNAME name/value, this must be a bug.

  • And is this Public Hosted Zone fully delegated from upstream DNS as well? ACM needs to be able to do the lookup via public DNS.

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