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Unable to connect to S3 from EC2 - PHP SDK


I am having an issue with my EC2 instance connecting to our S3 Bucket.

On my ec2 instance, I have php, httpd, aws-cli, aws-sdk installed. I am able to reach the index page where the code is located. Credentials file is set up /usr/share/httpd/.aws/credentials

Code I am using from the Getting Started Basic Usage Guide:

$sharedConfig = \[  
    'profile' => 'default',  
    'region' => 'us-west-1',  
    'version' => 'latest',  
    'debug' => true  
// Create an SDK class used to share configuration across clients.  
$sdk = new Aws\Sdk($sharedConfig);  
// Use an Aws\Sdk class to create the S3Client object.  
$s3Client = $sdk->createS3();  
// Send a PutObject request and get the result object.  
$result = $s3Client->putObject(\[  
    'Bucket' => 'my-bucket',  
    'Key' => 'my-key',  
    'Body' => 'this is the body!'  

Using the debug mode results in a large text dump. I believe that the main error belongs to the s3 bucket refusing connection from the code.

Entering step attempt, name 'ApiCallAttemptMonitoringMiddleware' ------  
 no changes ** Trying ** TCP_NODELAY set ** Immediate connect fail for Permission denied **   
Closing connection 0 <- Leaving step attempt, name 'ApiCallAttemptMonitoringMiddleware' --------- error was set to array(13) { \["instance"]=> string(32) "0000000078dd756a0000000053d619cb" \["class"]=> string(28) "Aws\S3\Exception\S3Exception" \["message"]=> string(241) "Error executing "PutObject" on "";   
AWS HTTP error: cURL error 7: (see for" \["file"]=> string(58) "/var/www/vendor/aws/aws-sdk-php/src/WrappedHttpHandler.php" \["line"]=> int(195) \["trace"]=> string(1925) "#0 /var/www/vendor/aws/aws-sdk-php/src/WrappedHttpHandler.php(100)  

Curl error 7: Failed to connect() to host or proxy.

When connecting via SSH to my instance, I am able to correctly run the aws-cli s3 commands and receive the proper response.

This code also works locally on my machine hosting via xampp.

I've been looking for the past couple of days to no avail. Thank you for looking

asked a year ago51 views
1 Answer

The issue is that the webserver, httpd, was not able to communicate with outside networks. That's why I could use the aws cli and telnet/ ping from the command line, but it was unreachable from the browser.

After running the command setsebool -P httpd_can_network_connect 1, I was able to connect to my s3 buckets.

answered a year ago

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