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Hello I have JSON files for jobs created and extracted from Amazon transcribe and I need to add it to cloud formation stack of PCA so I found that on my PCA(post call analytics) dashboard there is not option to create a new data source to add the JSON file to it How can I add new data source (JSON files) from transcribe to PCA?? and How can I display my new jobs which created manually within transcribe on PCA as a data source?

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Just following up on the question and looks like that post call analytics feature of Amazon Transcribe service only takes formats: MP3, MP4, WAV, FLAC, AMR, OGG, and WebM. It does not support JSON file. Please also view in the console and navigating to Post-call Analytics tab on left hand side. The input location on S3 will show valid formats. Please refer to following link:

Some other links for reference:

answered a year ago

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